Monday, August 9, 2010

Brief Update...

I have also received inquiries regarding my luggage situation. Trust me- if it hadnt come yet, you would know, and I would have been unable to talk about anything else! The suitcase arrrived last Wednesday, and I have never been happier to see an inanimate object. I think I scared Heike, our secretary, with my squeals of delight.


  1. Hi Megan, its Nancy. You sound like you're have a blast! Wish I was with you (although 4 years of high school Italian and I only remember the curses lol) Glad you got your luggage, but hope they still let you shop. Enjoy the rest of your time and hopefully we can get together when you're home so I can hear all about it.

  2. Hi Nancy! Thanks for your note. My 2 weeks of Italian here isnt teaching me much more :) I still feel like Im speaking like a 4 yr old! Look forward to seeing you soon. Love to the family.