Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final post and final photos

All of my photos are loaded and primed for your viewing pleasure, so that means my trip is officially finished and wrapped in a bow (if only my jet lag felt the same way)!

Here is the complete album. There are lots and mostly scenery shots (that's what happens when you travel solo), but if you like pretty things, you may just like these:

All in all, it was a great experience. I loved being in some new places, exploring the countryside and getting fresh air, enjoying beauty at almost every turn, eating of course, and practicing my Italian language skills. Languages usually come pretty easy to me, but for whatever reason- I'm not quite as good at Italian right now as I'd like to be (and I'm not good at NOT being good). However, if you need to ask for a sample of gelato flavors or befriend a hotel concierge, I'm your girl :)

Thanks again for reading!

Arrivederci, til the next time!

PS- Blog clearly under construction; I have no idea why some of the photos in the posts below disappeared. I will investigate as soon as it bothers me enough...

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