Monday, August 9, 2010

Gambe di Gatto

... a new idiom I learned this weekend referring to a cats ability to always land on its feet. The Italians use the phrase "gambe di gatto" when something is 100% certain- just like a cats landing prowess. Dont be surprised if I start finding ways to incorporate this in English, as well :) On a related note, this was also the name of the restaurant where I ate with my roommate and her friend last night in town- the husband and wife owners, Laura and Emmanuale, were as sweet as can be and showered us with tastings of olive oil and wine as we waited for our food. They also took a brief interlude to dance the tango to the tune of a passing accordian. Adorable.

Here are some photos from my weekend- I spent it in Pienza and Siena (the buses were not running Sunday and prevented the Cortona trip- but it meant I stayed in Montepulciano and witnessed unbearable cuteness in the form of little flag throwers... see last pics below). Theres a whole medieval type festival going on this week, so there should be similarly amusing events to come!

Baci e abbracci

Palazzo Piccolomini, Pienza

Ive become one of those people who photographs my food... but how can you not with this deliciousness? Melted pecorino, honey and chestnut cream on crostini (in Pienza).

Un cappuccino? Si! (Il Campo Piazza, Siena)

View from the Siena City Hall Tower (300 steps up)

Side entrance to il Duomo, Siena

Flag throwing competition in Montepulciano... Cuteness over actual ability was definitely their strong suit...

This kid was my favorite...


  1. Love the food photos. Perhaps there is a future as a food stylist photographer? Is there a spare flag thrower that you can bring home? Everything looks beautiful. So many great experiences.

  2. Loved the pictures and your blog. Sounds like you have a busy week. Sign me up for the flag competition. Those food pictures are making me very hungry. Miss you

  3. You are making my mouth water with the pecorino & honey crostini!! Take me to Gambe di Gatto! Yummmmm, the blog looks great and I heart your photos AND YOU! miss you!

  4. I am JEALOUS - not envious - but JEALOUS - im so glad you can do this - now i just need to figure out a way!!