Friday, August 20, 2010

A Seaside Retrospective

Some sights in Vernazza and elsewhere in Cinque Terre:

Day 1 was filled with umbrellas (albeit colorful ones), a rainy outing, the definition of a gray day, followed by a spooky night by the sea (in that order):

Day 2: Breakfast of champions at Sicilian bakery, Il Parata

Vernazza town

Bathers taking on the angry (and cold) waves in Manarola

Steep climb down to the sea in Corniglia and one defector

A series of sunset pics in Vernazza and my dinner that followed (trofie, pesto and of course wine at Ristorante Belaforte)

Day 3: Hike Day!

Trail markings made me feel like I was in Troop Beverly Hills. Sadly, there were no patches for my cute outfit.

Beginning of trail on the Via dell'Amore. There are locks all throughout the path put there by youngins in love

Aloe graffiti on the Via dell'Amore

The bella Ligurian Sea (this was before the phone incident when we were still on good terms)

Looking back on Vernazza

I'll be nice, but would love to know if there are other members. And have they been sitting there since 1975? Ok, I'll stop.

Monterosso Beach

Somewhere in there are my footprints... Hike complete!

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  1. The stormy weather in CinqueTerre made for some incredible photos, Meg. You were very brave and very strong to get through the entire hike in one day. Let's just say that some people may have opted for the train from the 4th to the 5th town....