Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do a Little Dance...

if you know a good one for sunshine! I just looked at the weather forecast for my long weekend in Cinque Terre and it looks like my time at the beach may be a bit rained upon. Boo: http://it.weather.yahoo.com/italia/liguria/vernazza-725783.

On a happier note, I ventured into new gelato territory last night and tried watermelon flavor (anguria)! It wasnt a sweet, unnaturally tasting watermelon a la jolly ranchers, but fresh and wonderful. There were even still seeds in it. I combined it with fior di latte, which naturally I assumed was some floral concoction. I just googled and found out it is this: http://gomad-ch.blogspot.com/2007/05/fior-di-latte.html. So, the combo was misguided on my part, but still delicious.

Tonight is the towns annual summer festival, Calici di Stelle, and likely involves more flag throwing (why not?), some free concerts and wine in the Piazza Grande, etc. Who knew this was Montepulcianos month of fun?

A presto...


  1. Think sunshine for the weekend. No negative weather thoughts!! Look where that got you with the luggage. Miss you.

  2. Time for the sun gods to come out for you. You are constantly moving each day. Are you going to be able to keep it up when you return to NY?