Friday, August 13, 2010

Food and Wine Series

The above was my dinner (on its side) at the beautiful Bistrot Spieza overlooking the hillside of Montepulciano Wednesday night. I caught the sun right as it was dropping and enjoyed my salad "Nordica" and bruschetta caprese. As you will see below, it was one of my only honestly aquired foods that day :)

I also took the opportunity earlier that day to take another little hike down to the San Biagio Church just outside of town and this time explored more of the country-side (read: trespassed onto private farms).

Delicious juicy plums- not giant olives (or dinosaur eggs) as I had previously feared. I may have picked one or 2 off the tree for a snack...

Ripening grapes...

A close-up and right before I snatched one for a taste!

One of my least favorite foods (olives), but so pretty upclose. From the distance, olive groves shimmer in silver for whatever reason. One of the many things that makes the Tuscan countryside so picturesque!