Monday, August 2, 2010

The Tuscan Sun is a Hot One

Despite the short amount of time there and small dramas, Roma was great- felt so comfortable and easy. After 11 hours of blissful post-jet lag sleep (at, I spent the morning yesterday at the Trevi Fountain watching tourists throw in their obligatory coins and tried to tune out the hawkers selling their obligatory crap. Highlight of the day, though, was when a family mistook me for an Italian and asked for restaurant recommendations. I am tending to think it was my trendy sunglasses that tricked them and not my olive skin and impeccable Italian :)

Speaking of, I arrived in Montepulciano last night to start my 2 week stint as an Italian language student. I have been communicating OK so far, but am really excited to move on from mumbling my conjugated verbs and limited vocabulary. The town is gorgeous to boot- on a high hill over the countryside with views at every turn. After a busy couple of days, I think it will be a great place to hang my hat for a bit. And all of these hills will be of great help in combatting my love of pizza, wine and gelato!

And finally, for all of you enthralled by my baggage woes, Alitalia called my parents at 4AM yesterday morning (sorry Mom and Dad!) to say they have no idea where my suitcase is and I should go ahead and start buying replacement clothes/toileteries. Awesome. I planned on doing some shopping while I was still in Rome yesterday, but imported undies was not exactly what I had I mind. Good news is though- my new best friend, Heike, our schools sectretary, (see her here: just told me the airline has been calling her all morning that my bag is on its way to Montepulciano! Ill believe it when I see it, Alitalia, Ill believe it when I see it.

Jess and Adam- youll note I have 9 followers so far. Do I get a prize at 10, too? Youll also note I cannot find the apostrophe on this keyboard.

Til next time...

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  1. Hope that you are having fun and enjoying the beautiful sights. Have a gelato for me under the Tuscan sun.
    Ciao bella. LYL, mom