Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Language of ...

Love? Im pretty sure thats French, but alas. I have officially begun my Italian studies and definitely feel slight improvements and comprehension here and there. For such a laid back people, though, they sure have a lot of verb tenses! Luckily my class is only covering a few basic ones.

Its such a diversity of people here, though, which makes it interesting- in my class we have me, an Anglican priest from Australia, a 19 year old from Switzerland, an Austrian environmental engineer, a labor lawyer from Barcelona, and a Russian girl whose family just bought a country house in Tuscany. I may start making up tidbits about my life to make it sound more interesting :) Although I always forget until I leave the US just how fascinated people are with all things American. It makes me feel tres cool.

Off to relax in the sun...

Ciao amici!


  1. That's right--Australians in the house! It sounds like you're having a great time. And don't forget that saying you're from New York impresses people all on its own. If only they knew....

    Any update on the luggage?

  2. Luggage is here! It arrived on Wed and I couldnt be happier. Who knew a hairdryer and floss could provide such joy?